Secondary Geo-location Spectrum Database (S-GLSD) Service

The Regulations on the use of Television White Spaces require the systems operating as Secondary Geo-location Spectrum Database (S-GLSD) to undergo qualification and be certified by the Authority before offering any services in the Republic of South Africa.

Application Process

Entities (Individuals/Organisations) that are interested in being S-GLSD providers can apply to the Authority through this Menu >> S-GLSD Service >> Application Form. Fill in the application form and submit to the authority.
The application will be reviewed and the applicant will be informed about the outcome of the application. During the review process the applicant will be contacted through the contact details that were submitted as part of the verification process that will inform the application outcome, thus APPROVED or REJECTED based on the approval framework used by the Authority.

List of Qualified and Certified S-GLSD(s)

A list of Entities that have currently been qualified and certified by the Authority (ICASA) as S-GLSD providers, to operate in the Republic of South Africa and can provide GLSD Services to white space devices (WSDs) is shown below. The status of service offering is shown to indicate the currently active providers. The displayed list under Menu >> S-GLSD Service >> Certified Providers is always the latest.

White Space Devices (WSDs)

A list of certified S-GLSD(s) that are active and currently providing GLSD Services to white space devices (WSDs) is discoverable to the master WSDs and is available in two formats: